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My friend sissy is offering a 500$ cash reward to ANYONE on my team who can lose the most weight from sept 17th to Oct 30th. Its a hallo-lean 24-day challenge!!! Join now, lose and win at the same time. I know y’all can do it!!! I am here 100% of the way to coach you and support you!

Thank you so much for reading! Happy health and wellness! Love- Bryan and Kelcie Styne.


… I just wanted to say sorry for not posting the pictures. Pulled a double at work today. I’ll get them up when I have a spare moment. I want to take out my job and take AdvoCare to the next level. My friends do so well on products and with helping people. I want to be on that level. I want others to come with the husband and I!

Who wants to be more than they ever dreamed of being?

I do!!!!

This is my motivation:


Love my babies!!!

Thank you so much for reading! Happy health and wellness! Love- Bryan and Kelcie Styne.

1 day left!

Today is our last day on the 24-day challenge™ and we can’t express how awesome it is to feel so healthy! Will power for cravings has increased and our body’s just feel so clean! I will post my before tummy shots and after tomorrow! My over all achievement was 10lbs and 6 inches. Bryan’s was 4lbs 3 inches (he didn’t have much to lose.) Thanks for all the support! Never forget that if you fall behind or get discouraged it doesn’t mean you’ve failed!!! You just pick yourself back up and keep on going!! We all have our days, everything always works out!

Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you so much for reading! Happy health and wellness! Love- Bryan and Kelcie Styne.

Life’s unexpected.

Sometimes life throws you unexpected curve balls. What do you do when it happens? I know first I usually cry, then I cry, then I cry some more. Crying helps. We learned in church that its okay to cry. People don’t understand but letting out that bottled emotion helps keep you from exploding, well it helps me at least. Anyways I guess I just wanted to post about crying for some reason! :’) with lots of tears!! I smile through all my fears!! (‘:

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I didn’t want to see that.

Now I have to do something about it!!!!


Thank you so much for reading! Happy health and wellness! Love- Bryan and Kelcie Styne.


I started this blog so I could track all my success on Advocare’s 24-day challenge™. I lost 5lbs in the first 10 days!!!


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I cannot begin to express what life would be like carrying this around. I still have more to go! I’m down to an 8 y’all!!!! I haven’t been an 8 in God knows how long!! I remember telling my husband some years ago:

I want to lose weight. I have never been  a size 9 and I never will be. I hate being overweight but I try and try and nothing comes off.

He told me I was beautiful either way. At first I was like yay no matter what I look like my man will love me!!! But after a day or so I went back to looking at myself and thought:

Something has got to give!!

I went and bought a game system and some workout games! I started walking and drinking gallon after gallon of water. I took out carbs, switched to chicken, went vegetarian, ate more protein, stopped drinking sodas, took diet pills, bought diet shakes and even tried to starve myself. Nothing worked!!! I was so frustrated and so tired that I gave up. I watched my husband’s progress and just became jealous. I struggled sitting at over 200lbs for 7 years!!!!

A few months ago a friend (who wouldn’t stop bugging me) told me about the last bit of weight she lost and the massive amount her husband lost. I was still skeptical but she wanted me to try spark. I decided I would and immediately I loved it! After about a week of no coffee with my cream&sugar I began to see a change. My energy levels were amazing. I felt awesome and had lost about 6lbs just drinking spark. It sounds crazy but it’s true!!

Just 3 months ago I was a size 13 and was having trouble breathing. When I switched to spark it gave me the energy I needed to ride a bike and walk those miles. At a one point about 2 weeks ago I decided to make a 360° health change and quit smoking. The day I quit smoking I started the 24-day challenge™. People told me I would stick to it,  because I “couldn’t” quit cigarettes and start a diet. They told me it wouldn’t work because that’s two major life style changes.

I laughed….

You can do anything you put your mind to.

That is what I told myself everyday!! Everyday I woke up and took my supplements, drank my spark and checked those boxes. Everyday I saw my stomach shrinking and felt my lungs changing.

Since AdvoCare found me I have lost 25lbs total. I have lost 5 pants sizes and 2 shirt sizes. I couldn’t be happier with the people this company has put in front of me to support me or the wonderful things its done for me! After 7 years of struggle all it took was AdvoCare coming into my life and that pant size I’ve always wanted was surpassed.

I promise its life changing, what can you do with AdvoCare?


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Thank you so much for reading! Happy health and wellness! Love- Bryan and Kelcie Styne.

So we’re about …

… This far in. When you get into something deep you can’t stop. There is no reason why you should ever give up on anything! I’ve always believed that trying isn’t a real action at all. You either do or you don’t, plain and simple. The level in which you enter something is totally on you! You can begin anything but can you finish it? I am a Jane of all trades, I am a master of none! I start lots of things I never finish, I’ve always needed support! We all need support. I want you to know that I am here to support. I want to help see people through till the end. If you find yourself getting down or lacking courage, I will be there! Whether you do what I do or not, I will be there. I have ears and a heart, they were put on me to use and that’s what I will do. I will be with you every step of the way. Don’t get discouraged if life seems to hard, I will help you. 🙂

Life has its ups and downs. But what really makes the person is how you handle coming back from situations. Brings a whole new meaning to:

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Thank you so much for reading! Happy health and wellness! Love- Bryan and Kelcie Styne.

Advocare Spark Review

I’m not the only one 🙂

Sarah Stalter

I was reading my impact magazine and came across one amazing story! Her name is Sarah Stalter. She was 264lbs she said Yes! to AdvoCare let’s see what happened:


AdvoCare found me in August 2011 when I was overweight and miserable. I never cared about my health or tried to lose weight and was sitting at 264lbs. I decided to try a 24-day challenge ™. My life at this point was not ideal — I had little money and wasn’t sure how I could afford the program. My unemployment check came in and was 191$ — the amount I needed to order the challenge.

She lost 18lbs in the first 24 days. She continues to stay on products and made her weigh to 130lbs lost total!!!


My past keeps me motivated. Knowing how miserable I used to be when I was obese is what drives me to never go back.


Thank you so much for reading! Happy health and wellness! Love- Bryan and Kelcie Styne.